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Displacements Virtual Conference - uOttawa Node

The Society for Cultural Anthropology is hosting its first virtual conference for Displacements and CAM/MAC is hosting a node on Friday April 20 from 11:00-18:00. Come out for free access to the presentations. 

We will host in our office (FSS 10035). However, if we get enough responses we will find a bigger room. Pot luck (refreshments encouraged but not required).

If you want to see more, please feel free to register for the whole conference. This will give you full individual access to the conference program and interactive features. The cost is only $10 USD.

We are thinking of some ideas of interesting things we can do. If you have any ideas, please let us know!! 

See full program here.

Questions and inquiries, please contact Heather at

A Multimodal Turn
11 am EDT, 4/20

(Dis)Placing Multimodality into Anthropology
Samuel Collins, Matthew Durington & Harjant Gill (Towson University)

What is a Conversation in the First Place? Toward a Dialogic Ethnographic Archive
Juliana Friend (UC Berkeley)

Film Screening
12 pm EDT, 4/20

Sent Away Boys (Harjant Gill, 2016)

Breathing Late Industrialism
1 pm EDT, 4/20

Aspiration: On Breathing and Striving in Late Industrial Baltimore
Chloe Ahmann (George Washington University)

The Young and the Oblivious City: Environmental Justice and the View of the Future
Daniel Price (University of Houston)

Breathing in Delhi’s Peripheries
Rohit Negi & Prerna Srigyan (Ambedkar University, Delhi)

Structures of Feeling and Toxic Infrastructure: Politics of Difference and Undone Science in an Urban Neighborhood
Thomas DePree (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Indexing Late Industrialism: From Private Property to Public Notice
Ali Kenner, Maggie McNulty & Linda Croskey (Drexel University)

Breathing Late Industrialism: Elaborations
Kim Fortun (UC Irvine)

Animal Movements: Habitat, Care, and Exploitation
2 pm EDT, 4/20

Displaced Visions of the Cheonggyecheon Stream
Gebby Keny (Rice University)

Marina Velez (Anglia Ruskin University)

Squid Life: Extraction and Multispecies Displacement in the Eastern Pacific
Maximilian Viatori (Iowa State University)

Salmon People, Biotechnology, and the Politics of Refusal in Coast Salish Territories: Biocapitalism and the Settler Colonial Present
Janna Lafferty (Florida International University

Desert Tortoise Survival
Julia Sizek (UC Berkeley)

Framing Women and Animals: Multispecies Practices of Care as Re-Placement in Photography Tourism
Amanda Daniela Cortez (University of Notre Dame)




Displacement as Substitution: From Environmental Crisis to the Crises of Democracy
3 pm EDT, 4/20

Across Papers and Trees: Ecologies of Reference and the Production of Technical Facts in Peruvian Amazonia
Eduardo Romero (Columbia University)

“Local” Seeds in Turkey: Displaced Meanings Between Preservation and Nationalist Discourse
Burge Abiral (Johns Hopkins University)

Wounds of Displaced Guilt: Coal Mining, Right-Wing Populism, and Misplaced Accusations in Aegean Turkey
Elif Irem Az (Columbia University)

The “Crisis of Secularism” and Other “Isms” in India
Miki Chase (Johns Hopkins University)

On the Empirical Corrective as/and Politics
Jessica Cattelino (UCLA)

Displaced Futures: Sovereignty, Denial, and Imagination
4 pm EDT, 4/20

The Truth in Youth
Melinda Herron & Mythili Meher (University of Melbourne)

“New Iceland Now”: Storytelling, Displacement and Utopia-Building in Panama Papers Iceland
Jen Hughes (University of Minnesota)

Seeing the Sky, Seeing the Land: Reclaiming Space from Exile
Randi Irwin (The New School)

Freedom for Work: Foreign-Funded Development and Failure in North India
Whitney Russell (UC San Diego)

Embodied Sovereignty: Indigenous Birth Workers Reclaiming Self-Determined Futures
Caroline Fidan Tyler Doenmez (University of Minnesota)

Writing Excavation and Displacement: The Possibilities of an Urbo-Collaborative Poetics
Tyrone Williams (Xavier University) & Pat Clifford (Clifford Consulting)

Body and Image: Trajectories of Transformation
5 pm EDT, 4/20

Displacing Disease: A Performative Account
Sarah Pini (Macquarie University)

Mediated Trajectories: Living with Addiction
Meg Stalcup, Yvonne Wallace, Heather Buist & Chloe Desjardins (University of Ottawa) and Eugene Raikhel (University of Chicago)

Imaging Life Otherwise
Andrew McGrath (UC Irvine)

Transgender Identity via YouTube
Dale Zigelsky (University of Arkansas)

Reflections on Displacement, Illness and Death
Mac Skelton (Johns Hopkins University)