The Importance of the Dark Corner

Maryjo Fernandes

Attending theater productions is like living many lives. Lydia Talajic seems to have lived dozens; her passion for theater production has animated many stories. In doing so she has struck my interest in the connections she forms with the other member in the production, and how they transform a script into a multisensory live experience. On this particular shoot I volunteered to help Lydia and her crew finish their set design; in doing so, I assist in organizing and preparing lighting and set materials, as well as understanding and learning the terms and techniques used by the ‘theater folk’. Spotting some downtime, I would grab my camera and follow Lydia around as discreetly as possible, alternating my duties as an observer and as a subject. As a subdued artist in my own right, I’ve always taken interest in live performances, and how they are a self-expression of something that is important to the performer.