Stories of Serbia: What Do You Care About? (An Ethnographic Film)

The interviews featured in this film centre around the question: What are you passionate about? Although a vague question, it has yielded a wide variety of responses from the Serbian locals featured. Some choose to discuss personal beliefs and ideas, some choose to recall stories that are dear to them, some choose to display beloved landmarks in the city, and much more. This film focuses only on the hands of the subjects while they do these things they have passion for and speak about them, since body language is an important indicator of this passion. Additionally, a focus on hands symbolizes the idea of fragments: these are fragments of Serbia, fragments of people’s lives, and fragments of the people themselves. The film alternates between stories, showing only small snippets at a time. What emerges is a wide variety of contrasting hands, stories, ideas, and spaces with one uniting element: everyone has passion. Everyone has something they care about. While this is an idea that can extend beyond the context of Serbia, the stories we hear in this film still present vast cultural information about what it means to be an individual in Serbia.