Watching and Waiting

Alisha Wilkinson

This examination of the domestic horse is an attempt to understand the role they play in the lives of the people around them, as well as the duality of horses as pets and commodities. Through a focus on horses as they await humans, the essay attempts to explore the relationship between an animal and an owner by focusing on what is not there and what this evokes. The use of light, focus, and frame in this series of three 8x10” photographs is intended to highlight a sense of separation and of connection. While I waited alongside the horses, the absence of their owners created a feeling of distance between human and animal, as well as a sense of anticipation resulting from this distance. I have spent my life around horses and have grown accustom to this complex dynamic between human and animal. Using visual media I am attempting to step back and better understand the experience of owning an animal and the way this shapes our lives.